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  The music on this page is going to be all over the place so be warned, much of it is nice and melodic then it may turn to death metal or thrash then go bluesy. No matter the style these are all expressions of the artist and have deep meaning. So please keep an open mind and enjoy!

Jason Fink (AKA Me)

  Dani - This is a fingerpicked acoustic piece I wrote many years ago. It was always close to my heart and gave me a sense of calm. Until about 6 years ago it remained untitled, I then titled it Dani after my wife.. Lol well after I found out she's crazy  and left her it has a whole new meaning, much more melancholy.

  Devastated - This one is all about realizing you have been betrayed by the one you love and on top of that she doesn't even care or admit to any wrongdoing. It starts all pretty then gets into some darker melodic metal.

  Hello World (guitar solo) - This one came out of raw passion for playing the guitar coupled with the fact I had been through alot of emotional pain and was coming out the other side.


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Now You See it, Now You Don't (Ozzy Cover) - I was asked to do a guitar cover my way and this is what I came up with. Dropped a whole step down and 20 bpm faster. The drums and bass are a backing track..