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  Welcome to I named this site PeShaw only because the actual spelling pshaw was already taken, probably by some guy named Phillip Shaw or some such thing that has no clue pshaw is even a word or what it means... though I could be wrong on that one. Anyway it represents my own feeling of contempt and impatience towards the state of the world around me and my personal situation at present. I'm sure I will get into that later, as for now is suffices to say that these events have lead me to find my true purpose in life and pursue my passions. There will be plenty of interesting content coming to including original music, art and writing. Also be sure to check out:
Limitless Possibility Blog for Personal Motivation

The definition of pshaw:
     an expression of contempt or impatience. "“Poison? Pshaw! The very idea!”"

     to say ‘pshaw’. "when I suggested that free trade might dilute Canadian culture, he pshawed"


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